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Fast Flexible Prison Construction

Tate's Fast Flexible Cells (FFC) are prefabricated, modular correctional facility cells, CO offices, restroom facilities and corridors designed to address emerging needs of the corrections industry. This innovative, next generation correctional cell design allows for rapid deployment with easy connections for power and plumbing. Tate’s thermal energy engineering and flexible manufacturing expertise is built on over a half century of experience in the tech sector. This experience allows us to create custom solutions for correctional environments that can mitigate cell-to-cell air transfer to meet the requirements of any zone, from cafeteria to infirmary. Furthermore, our solutions are designed to accommodate a wide range of interior fit-out designs with structural wall mounting points at any location.  

Fast Flexible Cell
Tate's modular prison pod offers single-frame solutions for many applications.
  • All Security Levels
  • Infirmary
  • Inmate Isolation
  • Temporary and/or Permanent Overflow
  • Elder Offender Care
  • Administrative
  • Restrooms
  • Corridors 

Secure Video Visitation Booth

The Secure Video Visitation Booth is a secure, enclosed structure that can be used as a designated area for video conferencing for offenders. The all-steel unit comes equipped with a bench integrated into the structure, an optional desk integration, LED lighting and a cuff port. The system provides easy connections for a video conferencing screen, optional camera for observation and external control of video equipment. Acoustic paneling can be integrated around the video screen and bench to create a private, but safe, environment for the inmates. The ceiling is made of heavy-duty security caging for HVAC and fire suppression access without the need for difficult mechanical system adjustments. The SVVB is an ideal solution to reduce the number of inmates leaving the facility for in-person court appearances and allows inmates to remain connected to their family, legal team and medical personnel in a safe way. This saves time and resources that would normally be required for an off-site visit, like personnel and transportation. The Secure Video Visitation Booth may qualify for Federal CARES Act benefits and other various grants.

Secure Video Hearing Booth Full Enclosed Structure

Product Uses:

The SVVB can replace most in-person inmate visits, including: 

  • Meetings with legal team
  • Court appearances 
  • Personal visits 
  • Telehealth appointments 

Prefabricated, Customizable Units for Rapid Expansion

Each individual Fast Flexible Cell can be completely customized to create a cost-effective solution for your correctional jurisdiction. Single, double, quad and multiple unit communal cells are all available. Cells can be fitted for individual plumbing or without. Communal restrooms, CO offices, hallways and stairwells are all readily available options. The exterior and interior panels are made from secure, insulated wall systems that can range in thickness from 1.5-8” each depending on location and application requirements. Options for mounting solar PV panels allow outdoor units to generate much of their own power needs. Every unit is equipped with a heavy-duty steel-welded raised floor system to allow for prefabricated plumbing, power and HVAC service distribution that speeds construction and reduces cost. The ceiling can be supplied with integrated LED lighting and steel security panels. Each FFC or SVVB is also customizable to fit each facility’s unique needs, including the ability to meet ADA and accessibility requirements.  

Correctional FFC, Frame Correctional FFC, Frame

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Easy Deconstruction Flat-Pack Storage or Modular Construction 
  • Custom Cell Sizing 
  • Custom Complex Design 
  • Temporary and Permanent Design Options 
  • Customizable Security Levels 
  • In-Cell or Shared Lavatories and Showers 
  • Solar and/or Generator Power Available for Certain Applications 
  • Negative Air Pressure Infirmary Environments 

The Ultimate in Correctional Facility Design

Modular Prison Corridor Wardens Office
Fast, flexible construction and customizable design allows Tate’s FFC to be installed in a variety of correctional jurisdictions in a fast, cost-effective manner. Whether you need to close existing antiquated facilities or add additional housing to limit overcrowding, FFCs allow you to leverage under-utilized space, such as yards or recreation facilities, or they can be dropped into existing facilities to reduce construction costs and operating expenses. The modular cells are flat packed for easy warehouse storage and transport throughout the system and allow for quick and easy assembly. The units can be connected to create a designated block of cells or Secure Video Visitation Booths within your facility, or can easily be added, removed or relocated as needed. Installations are stackable up to two layers and can easily be expanded to allow for a phased construction approach. Tate’s worldwide dealer network offers localized skilled installation services for a seamless construction process. 

Timely Isolation for Pandemic and Mental Health Demands

Modular Prison Padded Cell
Fast Flexible Cell options are available for padded isolation cells and medical-grade infirmary requirements. The prefabricated cells satisfy NIC Guidelines and qualify for Federal CARES Act Expenditures by offering rapid isolation cell deployment. Leveraging Tate airflow design expertise, FFCs can be individually or collectively pressurized to create positive or negative airflow as required to help reduce the spread of infectious disease. 

Product Uses and Benefits:
  • UV sterilization lighting available 
  • Medical Mental Health padded cells 
  • Supplement existing infirmary facilities 
  • Ability to repurpose existing facilities for medical or inmate isolation purposes 

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Fast Flexible Cell

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