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Raised Access Floors: Maximize the Flexibility of Your Life Sciences Environment

Creating the Perfect Environment

Medical lab raised access floor
The perfect lab environment must address a variety of needs. Maintaining high-quality clean air, coordinating access to lab gasses and electrical services and responding to equipment layout and technological changes quickly and easily are just a few of the many issues that need to be considered in the early design stages. All these matters need to be addressed without interrupting the lab’s day-to-day operations and without impacting the reliability of the data that is collected there. Tate’s Underfloor Service Distribution solution and Raised Access Floors provide a high level of flexibility that allows you to address all these concerns and more to create the perfect flexible lab environment.

Underfloor Service Distribution

Underfloor Service Distribution for Labs
Underfloor Service Distribution is an ideal service delivery system to maintain flexibility in every type of lab environment. Benefits include:
  • Easy access to lab gasses, electric, telecommunication, plumbing, draining and other services routed under the floor and supplied directly to each individual lab bench or desk.
  • By placing services under the floor, you reduce traditional overhead distribution, which makes it easier to manage airflow and fume hood exhaust.
  • Underfloor services can be rerouted to accommodate layout changes and maintain the lab’s flexibility when rearranging workspaces.
  • For incubator or leasable lab environments, the space can be easily reconfigured with walls, desks, services and more to accommodate each new tenant.
  • Lab benches and equipment can be mounted to the raised floor or extended through the raised floor and mounted directly to the building’s slab for added stability.
  • Wide range of field-applied waterproof and static dissipative finishes available to maintain safety and accessibility to the underfloor plenum.

Lab Flexibility

Lab raised access floor
Flexibility is an important factor in every type of life sciences or lab facility. As technology improves, protocols are updated and services change, your facility needs to be able to seamlessly shift to meet new demands. Raised floors with Underfloor Service Distribution make lab facility updates fast and easy. With raised floors you can easily design the layout of the lab with multiple workspaces conveniently located to increase productivity, keeping lab benches, write-up desks, offices and collaborative space separate with unique floor finishes. As the facility’s needs change, these spaces can be easily relocated, and underfloor services can be rerouted to accommodate layout changes and maintain the lab’s flexibility. For leasable lab environments, the space can be easily reconfigured with walls, desks, floor changes and more to accommodate each new tenant. It can be difficult to predict the future needs of your lab, so future proofing your building with raised floors is an easy way to prepare for unforeseen changes and keep your facility adaptable and flexible.

Floor Finishes

Another major concern in lab environments is ensuring the proper floor covering is applied to address the needs of the space. The level of access required, along with the maintenance, water resistance, static dissipation and aesthetics all need to be considered. There are many field-applied finishes available for installation over a raised floor to create a waterproof floor without losing the accessibility to the underfloor plenum. Interlocking floor tiles create a water-resistant seal without the need for an additional moisture barrier and a releasable seam sealer can be applied to create a fully waterproof floor. To maximize flexibility when spills are not a concern or in electrosensitive environments, ESD tile and other resilient finishes can be factory-applied to the raised floor panels.

Life-Sciences-Finishes Graphic

Engineering Design Support

In every lab environment, data reliability is the top priority. Our engineering design support team is available to help make sure the raised access floor in your facility is a stable foundation for your data collection. Our team will help design your floor to prepare for the following situations and more:

  • Vibration
  • Seismic Activity
  • Acoustics
  • Load Requirements

Lab raised floor

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