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Creating the Perfect Library Environment

The design of library space today is driven by the demand for Internet access and the latest computer technology, while also circulating printed and other media. This requires a range of space design from electronic workstations, and media production to gathering and entertainment spaces. Furthering the challenge is creating an aesthetic that promotes a healthy environment while connecting with the ideal and culture of the local community.

Including an access floor system for the distribution of power, data and HVAC services promotes the flexibility of mobile workstations and storage demands while creating a flexible space to be used for other functions such as community gatherings, activities, or events.

You can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Enhanced indoor environmental quality through superior IAQ, improved acoustics, and increased daylighting opportunities
  • Maximum occupant comfort control at design inception and throughout the life of the building using underfloor air.
  • Energy efficiency through economizer operation, and less fan energy
  • Easily adapts to technological and organizational changes over the building’s lifecycle at low cost
  • Point-of-use services wherever you need them with complete flexibility, accessibility, and unlimited capacity
  • Reduced first cost and construction time
  • Reduced operating costs and lower facility and maintenance costs through accessible, flexible, and adaptable services
  • Wide range of floor finish options to capture the specific aesthetic and functional

Functional and Operational Flexibility

Library Services Louisville

With the volume of power and data cables continuing to increase in today's high-performance Library, coupled with the many benefits of underfloor air distribution, it’s easy to understand why so many Libraries include a raised floor system to improve the functionality of the facility.

These systems offer advantages in both maintenance and reconfiguration. Each modular panel can be easily removed and reconfigured giving you total control over your building's service distribution system. Have flexible service distribution aligns with the agile design requirements of the modern library so they can deliver the latest technology, while also adapting to a wide range of community events.

While technology is critical in libraries they also continue to function as book depositories. Tate’s raised access flooring systems for libraries offer a range of design load performance to meet the requirements of heavy shelving systems.

Library Design and Aesthetic Benefits

Library Computers STONEWORKS

Library design can range from the traditional formal setting to modern and open. Regardless of the aesthetic Tate access floors with high-end finishes offer a wide range of colors and textures to create the desired look. Whether it's our STONEWORKS® line of integrated concrete finishes, or one of our laminated finish options, all of Tate's design assisted finishes are manufactured and assembled in our facility, and then shipped to your work site as ready for installation.

Proper balance of daylighting, acoustics and privacy must work together in a library. By distribution power, data and air services under a raised floor, ceiling heights can be expanded allowing for more daylighting. With floor service terminations walls no longer need to be connected therefore they can be easily reconfigured to accommodate special events or add privacy as needed.

Raised floors offer similar advantages to the preservation of historic libraries. The underfloor service pathway provides an excellent solution to modernize the Library to address current technology and user needs. Additional systems upgrades can be accomplished to meet today's HVAC, energy, lighting, and other sustainability standards while maintaining the overall integrity of the building and preserving the architectural features of significance.

"Everyone wants to maximize ceiling heights and the best way to do that is minimize the bulking infrastructure that is usually hidden away in an acoustical ceiling system...Some buildings use raised floor systems to limit what gets crammed into the overhead space."

Adam Felson, principal of officemorph

A Healthy and Comfortable Environment


Access floors systems provide significant advantages in maintaining air quality and control of a building's environment. Air quality, access to additional sunlight, correct thermal and humidity conditioning, and proper acoustics all work together to create a comfortably maintained working environment. Properly managed environments have been proven to significantly impact employee health, comfort, and productivity. 

Keys ways access floors create a healthier indoor environment:

  • Deliver floor supply air at low pressure to maximize accoustic performance, energy efficiency, and maintain clean air in all occupied zones
  • Provide floor mounted diffusers with air direction, volume, and 'plug and play' placement flexibility to ensure maximum personal comfort control
  • Increase natural daylight for improved staff comfort and productivity through an overall reduction in overhead service distribution space.
"The most healthful air in the building, with an underfloor air-delivery system, is in the first six feet from the floor. It's an investment that forward-thinking companies make in their employees."

                                                                                                                            Jerry Morgan, Principal at NORR
Library Access Floor

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Raised Access Floors for Libraries

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