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The design of higher education facilities today is driven primarily by the demand for increased access to the latest technology and the need to provide an inclusive learning environment for a diverse student body. To achieve this, colleges and universities need to incorporate a range of different learning and studying environments into their facility design, while still maintaining high-quality clean air, personal comfort, appropriate noise levels, the overall aesthetic of the space and a low cost.
Including an access floor system for the distribution of power, data and air services promotes flexibility in your space, increased access to power and the ability to create an ideal learning environment that will reflect the goals and image of your institution.
You can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Enhanced indoor environmental quality through superior IAQ, improved acoustics and increased daylighting opportunities.
  • Maximum occupant comfort control at design inception and throughout the life of the building using underfloor air.
  • Energy efficiency through economizer operation, and less fan energy.
  • Easily adapts to technological and educational changes over the building’s lifecycle at low cost.
  • Point-of-use services wherever you need them with complete flexibility, accessibility and unlimited capacity.
  • Reduced first cost and construction time.
  • Reduced operating costs and lower facility and maintenance costs through accessible, flexible and adaptable services.
  • Wide range of floor finish options to capture the specific aesthetic and functionality.

Flexible Learning Environments

Flexible Learning Environments
Students today do not learn the same way they did a decade ago and things will continue to change as technology advances. It’s important for higher education institutions to evolve with its students. Access floors allow colleges and universities to create flexible spaces that can be easily transformed depending on the need.
Multi-use learning environments can be utilized for a wider range of activities, making them more beneficial to students and faculty and more cost-effective in terms of initial design and continued maintenance. Access floor systems offer advantages in both maintenance and reconfiguration. Each modular panel can be easily removed and reconfigured, giving you total control over the service distribution system. Flexible service distribution aligns with the agile design requirements of today’s learning environment, so you can deliver the latest technology, while also adapting to a wide range of student needs.

Accommodating Changes in Technology

Accommodating Changes in Technology
Students rely on multiple devices for their education. With laptops, tablets and cell phones becoming a staple in the classroom, students need—and expect—constant access to power. Raised floors offer the elegant answer to supplying power directly to desks and lab stations, providing optimum value now and in the future. Adapting to ever-changing technologies will no longer demand expensive facility investment and construction costs. Tate underfloor systems allow you to update your technical capabilities, floor plan, service locations and image, using your own cost-effective resources.
Flexible and accessible services allow you to modify your space around functional requirements rather than be limited by fixed, inflexible services.
  • Simple service connections minimize the need for professional outside contractors.
  • Power, data and heating and cooling services can all be quickly accessed and reconfigured to meet any layout.
  • Service changes can be made with minimal disruption to the learning environment.
With the demand for access to power and data cables continuing to increase in higher education, coupled with the many benefits of underfloor air distribution, it’s easy to understand why so many colleges and universities include a raised floor system to improve the functionality of the facility.

Design and Aesthetics

Design and Aesthetics
Long gone are the days of stark white walls and neutral colors defining the world of higher education. The right design aesthetic can encourage creativity, collaboration and a feeling of comfort. Regardless of the aesthetic style of the school, Tate access floors with high-end finishes offer a wide range of colors and textures to create the desired look. Whether it's our STONEWORKS® line of integrated concrete finishes or one of our laminated finish options, all of Tate's design assisted finishes are manufactured and assembled in our facility, and then shipped to your work site as ready for installation.
Proper balance of daylighting, acoustics and privacy must work together in higher education. By distributing power, data and air services under a raised floor, ceiling heights can be expanded allowing for more daylighting. And with floor service terminations, walls no longer need to be connected, therefore they can be easily reconfigured based on the need of the room and those who occupy it.

A Healthy and Comfortable Environment

Yale School of Forestry-Kroon Hall
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, properly managed environments have been proven to significantly impact student health, comfort and learning performance. Tate provides significant advantages in maintaining air quality and control of a facility’s environment. Underfloor air distribution offers energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, enhanced comfort control, floor to ceiling height optimization and improved acoustics to create a comfortably maintained environment.
Keys ways access floors create a healthier indoor environment:
  • Deliver floor supply air at low pressure to maximize acoustic performance, energy efficiency and maintain clean air in all occupied zones.
  • Provide floor mounted diffusers with air direction, volume and 'plug and play' placement flexibility to ensure maximum personal comfort control.
  • Reduce overhead service distribution space for increased natural daylight and improved student comfort and productivity.
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