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Creating the Perfect Gaming Environment

The perfect gaming environment must address a variety of needs. These needs include maintaining high-quality clean air, attenuating noise, responding to equipment layout and technological changes quickly and easily, and supporting the overall aesthetic value of the space - all while being cost-effective during construction and operation. With Tate’s Underfloor Service Distribution solution, you’ll be able to address all of these factors to create the perfect gaming environment.


  • Provide superior IAQ by locating fresh supply air closer to the occupants.
  • Improved acoustics and increased floor to ceiling height.
  • Maximum occupant comfort at design inception and throughout the life of the facility using Underfloor air.
  • Energy efficiency through economizer operation, and less fan energy due to convection enhanced ventilation.
  • Easily adapt to technological changes over the casino’s life-cycle at low cost.
  • Increase flexibility for changing space layout to quickly adapt to the latest gaming trends.
  • Point-of-use services wherever you need them with complete flexibility, accessibility, and unlimited capacity.
  • Reduced first cost and construction time due to significant reduction in HVAC ductwork and use of underfloor pre-fabricated ‘plug & play’ wire/cable services.
  • Reduced operating costs and lower facility and maintenance costs through accessible, flexible, and adaptable services - accommodating any layout changes.

A Healthy More Enjoyable Gaming Environment

UFAD Casino IAQ Image

Tate provides significant advantages in maintaining air quality and control of a facility’s environment. Underfloor Service Distribution systems with high performance underfloor HVAC services offer energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, enhanced comfort control, floor to ceiling height optimization and improved acoustics to create a comfortably maintained gaming environment.

Keys to creating a healthier facility for patrons and staff:

  • Deliver fresh supply air at or near floor level to improve ventilation effectiveness and provide patrons with first benefit of clean air.
  • Return air through ceiling to create a one directional airflow removing smoke and other impurities from the gaming floor.
  • Locate air diffusers throughout facility for even and properly conditioned circulation of clean air.
  • Increase floor to ceiling height by nearly eliminating overhead ductwork to reduce the required service distribution space.
  • Deliver floor supply air at low pressure to maximize acoustic performance, energy efficiency, and maintain clean air in occupied zone.

Easy Adaptation and Flexibility for Years of Low-Cost Service

Casino Schematic
The Tate Underfloor Service Distribution system has been designed to provide optimum value, flexibility, and trouble-free service now, and in the future. The modular design allows you to adapt to change easily and at a low cost. With Tate, adapting to ever-changing technologies and constant gaming shifts will no longer demand expensive facility investment and construction costs. Tate underfloor systems allow you to update your technical capabilities, floor plan, HVAC controls, and image, using your own effective and low-cost resources.

The Freedom of Flexibility
Spaces and equipment are constantly changing. To meet this demand for change, Tate’s Underfloor Service Distribution system is designed to afford interior design freedom and quick ‘plug & play’ access to all services.
  • Flexible and accessible services allow you to plan your space around functional requirements rather than be limited by fixed, inflexible services.
  • Simple service connections minimize the need for professional outside services.
  • Power, voice, data, and heating and cooling services can all be quickly accessed and reconfigured to meet any layout.
  • Service changes can be made with minimal disruption to the work environment.
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