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Airports today are much more than a gate to catch a plane. They are destinations where upon arrival visitors are expecting to be greeted with a wide range of amenities. Shopping, restaurants, professional services, lounges and other amenities combine to improve the traveling experience and generate additional revenue for the airport.

Future-Proofing the Airport

Reducing time in ticketing, baggage drop-off, security check-points and customs gives travelers more time to enjoy the amenities of the airport. Access floors provide flexibility and adaptability so the airport can evolve with the changing needs of each area by:

  • Allowing point-of-service terminals and kiosks to be added or moved anywhere on the floor-plate without core drilling or trenching the building slab.
  • Accommodating ever-changing security requirements with accessible panels that allow data, and power terminations to align with the current equipment design. 
  • Providing a pathway for any electrical, plumbing and mechanical distribution requirements of food, beverage, retail and other terminal facilities.

Security Check Points

Tate Airport Security v4 b
Nowhere in the Airport is flexibility more important than in the check-point area. Ever-changing demands caused by new technology, processing methods and security protocols require the ultimate in flexibility.

Security Equipment Demands

Security equipment is connected through the floor below. The open interstitial space between the slab and the raised floor provides adequate room for any data and power density requirements.

Complete Flexibility

Flexibility and relocation can be made quickly and easily with a fully accessible raised floor. Many moves can be accomplished by simply swapping panels, thereby eliminating downtime concerns and service disruptions with moves that save time and cost.

Easy Access

Using an Access Floor with a pre-finished surface is ideal for areas that demand flexibility. These panels allow quick access to the service pathway by removing the panel and the finish together. The available edge profiles are designed to maintain the beauty of the integrated finish during frequent reconfigurations. 

Ticketing & Check-in

Tate Airport Check in v4
No other area has seen a higher deployment of new technology in recent years than the check-in. Core drilling, trench duct, and other limited range solutions are being used to capacity. Using raised floors can offer more service placement freedom for current and future technologies.

Kiosk Flexibility

Kiosks can be installed at any location on the floor and connected from below, allowing for precise and limitless placement. The raised floor can be core drilled at the desired location, eliminating any degradation to the structural integrity of the building.

The Right Level of Accessibility

With a wide range of load performance and finish options, Tate’s raised floors offer an excellent solution for check-in. Whether you want a limited access service pathway or a fully accessible floor, Tate can meet your service and design goals.

Hatch Panel

Hatch panels offer access to critical services for fishing data and power cables to their desired location under a limited access floor. Hatch panels would be strategically placed throughout the area to limit tampering.

Circulation, Holding and Retail Areas

Tate Airport v4
Natural light, pleasing aesthetics and connectivity for travelers define the Concourse. The power and data demand of travelers, as well as the connectivity for ordering food and beverages, make raised floors an ideal solution for adding service location flexibility.

A finish-ready Cavity Floor allows the airport design to use the full range of finishes and transitions typically found in these areas.

Food and Beverage Requirements

Technology is growing in airport cafés. The use of self-order and self-service continues to grow, increasing the demands for power and internet connectivity. Raised floors offer the elegant answer to supplying power directly to café tables and small ordering stations.

Open Service Plenum

Nothing improves the traveler experience better than access to power. With the open pathway below the floor, every chair can easily be powered. Likewise, the data connections for arrival/departure screens and gate counters are easily distributed underneath the floor.

Field-Applied Finishes

The finish-ready raised floor offers the ultimate substrate for circulation areas where you may need a field-applied finish. A perfectly level solution that can reduce screed costs, speed construction and enable the execution of complex transitions.
Airport Access Floor

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