Data Center Structural Ceiling

Tate Duo

Superior Structural Grid System

The patent pending Tate Duo Structural Ceiling system offers a more robust aluminum extrusion for spanning larger distances between connections to the building structure. Spans up to 8’ are possible allowing for more flexibility and few connection points to the building structure.

Tate Duo also features a two-layer continuously threaded slot on the underside of the extrusion so that multiple threaded rod diameters may be use for hanging different equipment within a building.

Replacing custom-built, on-site structural support systems, such as strut, with Tate Duo offers the most flexible solution for future configuration changes of any pre-designed ceiling solution.

Tate Duo Extrusions Tate Duo Extrusions

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Multiple grid patterns and configurations are available
  • Replaces custom-built on-site structural support systems such as strut 
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Eliminates the need for multiple trades on-site
  • Experienced data center manufacturer and contracting teams

System Performance Criteria

The bottom side of the Tate Duo structural grid is available with a 1/2"-13/3/8"-16, or M12-1.5/M10-1.5 continuiously threaded dual slot in for mounting items directly to the grid. Refer to the table below for load performance details on the grid and connections to the building structure.

System Performance

On Center Hanger Spacing Uniform Load (lbs/ft2) Max Allowable Deflection Max. Safe Working Load (lbs)* Ultimate Point Load (lbs)
4' x 4' 100 0.40" 800 1600
5' x 4' 90 0.40" 500 1000
6' x 4' 75 0.40" 400 800
7' x 4' 65 0.40" 250 500
8' x 4' 50 0.40" 150 300

*Max safe working load based hanging points no less than 4’ apart in any direction.

Tate Grid Spacing
Tile Sizing

Product Information

Technical Documents

Tate Duo Datasheet Imperial

Tate Duo Detail (PDF)

Tate Duo Detail (DWG)

Tate Duo Specification Imperial

Tate Duo Detail (PDF)

Tate Duo Detail (DWG)

Tate Duo Components (BIM)

Tate Duo Installation Guide Imperial

Tate Duo Operation & Maintenance Guide

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Tate Commercial & Data Center Product Guide

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