Carpet Raised Access Floor



Maximize Accessibility & Minimize Waste

Each PosiTile® carpet module is engineered to match one-to-one with Tate ConCore® and All Steel access floor panels. The combination of carpet and panel preserves the flexibility of the underfloor service distribution system and allows for the reuse of carpet tiles during layout changes.

Four ultrasonically welded buttons on the underside of the tile provide precise indexed alignment with four matching holes in the panel. Now anyone can rearrange their work area quickly and easily. For designers, Tate has partnered with different carpet tile manufacturers to offer a wide range of carpet options and styles.

PosiTile Carpet PosiTile Carpet

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Reduces move time
  • No additional attic stock
  • Reduces waste due to churn
  • One-to-one fit with ConCore® & All Steel access floor panels
  • Supported by PosiLock®, Bolted Stringer or combination cornerlock/bolted stringer system

The PosiTile® Story

The Problem: Conventional Carpet Tile

Most carpet tiles are not manufactured to the tolerances required to achieve a one-to-one fit with an access floor panels, therefore moving a service box to a new location requires much more time and generates waste. When the panel seams of the carpet overlap the panel seams of the access floor, the cutout in the carpet for the existing service box will not align with the carpet configuration in the new location. This requires a new carpet tile to be cut in order to accommodate the move. Without PosiTile, a building will be required to maintain more attic stock to accommodate these moves.

The Solution: PosiTile®

With the one-to-one alignment of carpet and panel provided by PosiTile, the service box and access floor are moved as one unit. The panel and the PosiTile carpet can simply be swapped with another floor panel quickly and without excessive wasted carpet.

Carpet Tile Finishes

Carpet Architectural Manufacturers Links

Tate’s approved finishes for PosiTile Carpet conversion maintains the accessibility of an access floor with a one-to-one fit. For chip samples, please contact the supplier using the phone number below.

Due to the dynamic and diverse nature of the flooring covering industry we have provided phone numbers for all approved carpet manufacturers. We have also provided lists of pre approved styles by manufacturer, however it is highly recommended that you contact Tate to verify the specific style that you are considering for your project is available for lamination before including it in your specifications.
Product Manufacturer Phone
PosiTile® Carpet Interface 1-800-336-0225
PosiTile® Carpet Shaw 1-800-257-7429
PosiTile® Carpet StaticWorx 1-800-782-8429
PosiTile® Carpet Julie Industries/StaticSmart 1-800-225-6052

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Product Information

Technical Documents
Access Floor Systems

Interface Staticworx PosiTile Installation Guide

Shaw PosiTile Installation Guide

PosiTile Care Guide


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PosiTile Carpet Brochure

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