Perforated Data Center Airflow Panels

Perforated Panels

Ideal for use with aisle containment systems

Tate’s Perforated Steel Panels are compatible with any 24” bolted stringer systems. All panels are available with a top surface adjustable damper to control airflow volume. The damper can be adjusted from the top and locked into place to avoid tampering. Tate's perforated panel delivers airflow in a vertical plume and is a cost-effective airflow panel for use in contained aisles.

Steel perforated panels are available with high pressure laminate, vinyl and rubber floor coverings. The perforated panels are interchangeable with laminated ConCore and All Steel panels in a stringered system.

Perforated Panels Main View

Key Performance Characteristics

Airflow Performance Information

Static Pressure
(in. H20)

Air Volume

Air Volume
w/ Damper Open

Air Volume
w/ Damper Closed

Air Volume
w/ Damper 1/2 Open

0.02 332 237 26 140
0.04 476 328 39 199
0.05 532 366 44 221
0.06 584 402 46 242
0.08 666 461 57 282
0.10 746 515 64 314
0.12 818 582 71 344
0.14 886 620 75 370
0.16 944 669 80 396
0.18 990 699 84 415
0.20 1050 756 88 438

Product Information

Technical Documents
Control Options

Perf 1250 ESD Vinyl Datasheet 24in

Perf 1250 ESD Vinyl Detail 24in (PDF)

Perf 1250 ESD Vinyl Detail 24in (DWG)

Perf 1250 HPL Datasheet 24in

Perf 1250 HPL Detail 24in (PDF)

Perf 1250 HPL Detail 24in (DWG)

Perf 1250 Datasheet 60cm

Perforated Panel Detail (PDF) 60cm

Perforated Panel Detail (CAD) 60cm

Perforated Panel 60cm BIM

Perforated Panels are available with the factory installed Slide Damper control.

24 inch Perforated Panels are available on the following understructure systems:

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