Data Center GrateAire Airflow Panel


For high density cabinet or aisle containment systems

GrateAire die-cast aluminum panels are designed for new and existing data center applications. The high strength, low weight, all aluminum construction makes it the ideal solution for use in contained aisles with high foot traffic. Available with or without a damper, it can be adjusted from the top to restrict airflow by up to 100%. With the ability to perform the same amount of cooling as 3 perforated panels without comparable cost, GrateAire is an affordable and cost-effective airflow panel, ideal for use in contained aisles.

GrateAire Main View

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Die-cast aluminum panels with 56% unobstructed open area.
  • Cools over 12kw of heat and up to 25kw in a contained system at .2 inches H20.
  • Effortless reconfiguration and retrofit of any existing stringered access floor, without modification.
  • Available with or without top surface adjustable dampers.

Airflow Performance Information

Cooling Capacity 56% Open Area

Static Pressure

No Damper

Opposed Blade Damper

Slide Damper

Open Closed Open Closed
0.02 916 810 130 504 108
0.04 1320 1121 181 712 156
0.06 1608 1386 218 876 196
0.08 1860 1595 253 1008 224
0.10 2096 1785 286 1128 252

*Cooling capacities were calculated using the following formula:
(CFM x Capture Index %) / 126(CFM needed to cool 1kW @ 25ºF ΔT)= kW per rack.

Product Information

Technical Documents
Control Options

GrateAire Datasheet 24in

GrateAire Detail (PDF) 24in

GrateAire Detail (CAD) 24in

GrateAire Panel 24in BIM

GrateAire Datasheet 60cm

GrateAire Detail (PDF) 60cm

GrateAire Detail (CAD) 60cm

GrateAire Panel 60cm BIM

The GrateAire® is available with these Control options:

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