Hot Aisle Containment

Hot Aisle

Data Center Hot Aisle Containment

A hot aisle containment system encloses your data center’s hot aisle within a physical barrier. This separates supply and return airflow, eliminating hot and cold air mixing. Discharge air from your facility's IT equipment is returned directly to the cooling equipment through a ceiling plenum or ductwork. Cooled air is then introduced directly into the data center through a raised floor, directly into the room through AC units or ductwork.

Hot Aisle Containment Benefits

  • Separates supply and return airflow which eliminates hot and cold air mixing
  • Increases the cooling efficiency of your data center’s equipment by up to 30%
  • Improves the overall comfort level within the data center
  • Faster and easier to install than other grid systems
  • Eliminates the need for multiple trades on-site

Cooling Efficiency

Hot aisle containment can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your data center's cooling capacity. Separating hot exhaust air from the rest of the room ensures the conditioned air remains more easily cooled and that the exhaust air remains both hot and dry as it returns to the main AC coil. This return air being kept at the hottest temperature possible and at a low relative humidity, increases your facility's AC cooling capacity and can double the cooling capacity of your CRAC/CRAH.

Hot Aisle Containment Projects and Information

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