Why Our Data Center Customers Use Raised Floor

28 April 2020 Tate
Tate Data Centers

Here are some of the top reasons our customers ultimately decide to use Tate access flooring in their data centers. While any one of the reasons alone may be compelling, we think the combination of all the top customer reasons noted below builds a strong case for using access flooring in your data center.
Use of an access floor provides: 

  1. Enhanced cooling capabilities and control. The variety of Tate airflow panels, dampers and controls allows you to adjust to any density situation.
  1. Easy implementation of redundant cooling. No need for complicated ductwork and automated dampers. Raised flooring reduces single points of failure.
  1. Flexibility to deliver the most energy-efficient design. Access flooring provides opportunities for cooling data centers that adapt to technological and client changes.
  1. Reduced risk by putting cooling agents under floor. Distributing water and other liquid cooling agents under a raised floor poses less threat in the event of system failure.
  1. The ability to separate water, power and cable. Tiered use of the underfloor service space allows the separation of non-compatible systems.
  1. The ability to terminate cables wherever needed. The flexibility, accessibility and unlimited capacity of the floor system makes cabling easy.
  1. Reduced operating costs and lower facility and maintenance costs. Accessible, flexible and adaptable services translate into lower OPEX while avoiding future CAPEX spends.
  1. Underfloor service distribution space. Keeps the interior space clean and neat for proper air migration in and out of equipment.
  1. Future scalability that is a breeze. Whether it is a change in heat load, rack weight or size of the operation, our systems have you covered now and in the future.

Check here for more information about Tate’s Access Floors and Airflow Panels and Controls. There’s also more information on Data Center Infrastructure if you are still not convinced about the efficient, accessible and flexible nature of the system.

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