The Corrections Industry: Secure Video Visitation Booth

15 June 2021 Tate
Modular Prison Hearing Room Screen

The corrections industry has had to make many adjustments to keep staff and inmates safe during COVID-19. One of those major changes has been limiting the number of non-essential visitors into each facility. That means that in-person lawyer and family visits have been limited or eliminated completely, and on-site hearings and court visits have been put on hold. This can be very isolating for inmates and makes it nearly impossible for them to privately discuss the details of their case with their legal team. In our recent corrections industry blogs, we introduced you to the Fast Flexible Cell, a prefabricated, modular correctional facility unit that can be implemented for a wide range of uses, including, but not limited to, inmate and administrative housing, bathrooms and showers, administrative offices, medical facilities and programming and day space. Today, we’re introducing you to our newest Fast Flexible Cell, the Secure Video Visitation Booth (SVVB), which helps connect inmates to family, friends, doctors and lawyers in a safe, efficient manner.

The Secure Video Visitation Booth is an enclosed structure that allows correctional systems to provide a designated area for video conferencing for offenders. The all-steel unit comes equipped with a bench integrated into the structure, an optional desk integration, a video screen, LEDs installed in the ceiling and a cuff port to cuff and uncuff offenders prior to their entrance and exit. Acoustic paneling can be integrated around the video screen and bench to create a private, but safe, environment for the inmates. Visibility windows are also available for supervision to allow correctional officers to observe the inmate and the screen, when appropriate, and control the power to the system. This allows correctional officers the ability to cut access to the video equipment at any time to avoid content that goes against the facility and inmate guidelines.

The entire system comes shipped in modules for quick and easy assembly. The modular units can be connected to create a designated block of Secure Video Visitation Booths within your facility, or can easily be added, removed or relocated as needed. The entire system is customizable to fit each facility’s unique needs, including the ability to meet ADA and accessibility requirements. Acoustical insulation protects the inmates inside from the outside noise of other inmates and optional air filtration is available to maintain a clean airstream.

This system is a great solution to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, but it will remain beneficial outside of pandemic limitations as well. It’s also an ideal solution for restrictive housing units to minimize the number of times dangerous offenders need to be removed for visitations, legal consultations and hearings. It can also be used for telehealth appointments when non-emergent situations arise. This saves time and resources that would normally be required for an off-site visit, like personnel and transportation, and is safer for the inmate, the staff and the community. It also opens more opportunities for inmates to meet with their legal teams, doctors and families, no matter the distance or location. For more information regarding the Secure Video Visitation Booth, call us at 800-231-7788 or email us at

Secure Video Hearing Booth Full Enclosed Structure

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