Biophilia: How Raised Access Flooring Helps Bring the Outside In

18 September 2018 Tate
Biophilic Design utilizing raised access flooring

The idea that we are instinctually connected with and influenced by the natural world around us has been around for ages. This connection, called biophilia, has an enormous influence on our daily mood, productivity, and health. And with the average person now spending almost 90% of their time inside manmade structures, it’s only natural that the design world would embrace the concept of biophilic design and search for new ways to integrate nature with office work spaces.

Raised access floor systems can assist architects and designers in several ways to better utilize biophilic design and help create more productive, healthy workspaces for employees.

By utilizing underfloor service distribution (UFSD) and moving office infrastructure underfoot, drop ceilings can be eliminated, resulting in a potential increase in floor-to-ceiling heights and larger windows for increased daylighting and better views of the outside environment. But you don’t need to have a breathtaking view outside your office building to capture the benefits; even in an urban environment, it has been shown that simply being able to see the sky can elevate the mood of employees.

Additionally, by using underfloor air distribution (UFAD), it is possible to increase indoor air quality by delivering air to employees through in-floor diffusers. By utilizing natural convection to create a floor to ceiling airflow pattern, you lower airborne contaminant levels. And, in mild climates, UFAD allows for the use of warmer supply air which significantly expands the opportunity to use free cooling, or the direct use of outside air, without operating a chiller.

From an aesthetic standpoint, Tate’s high-end architectural access floor finishes are also a key way to embrace biophilic design and bring natural materials into the inside environment. Both plank and magnetic wood options are available in a wide variety of species, and our new STONEWORKS™ line of integrated panels lets you capture the look and feel of natural stone for your project.

We work best when surrounded by natural elements and using raised access floors allows architects and designers to easily incorporate biophilic design in the modern workplace, while also ensuring a flexible, collaborative space is created.

To learn more about how Tate raised access flooring can help you incorporate biophilic design into your next product, click here!

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