Airports and Raised Floors: Ticketing & Check-In

8 September 2020 Tate
Airport Raised Access Floors

The airport of today is almost unrecognizable compared to the airports of the past. And it’s impossible to say what the airport of the future will look like. Airports are constantly evolving to improve the traveling experience. By making check-in easier, security faster and introducing unique shopping and dining opportunities, the travel experience is elevated, which encourages more people to take advantage of air travel. But quickly responding to these evolutions in the industry and making the necessary adjustments can be a big undertaking—until now. Raised floors are a great way for airports to increase their flexibility and future proof their facility to better prepare for the changes in the industry. Raised access floors are popular in the commercial sector because they provide a service distribution pathway below the floor with virtually unlimited capacity. The raised floors can be installed at varying finished floor heights and in a wide range of both factory- and field-applied finishes, which translates well to the ever-evolving nature of the airport industry. Raised access floors can increase flexibility in several different areas of the airport including ticketing and check-in, security checkpoints and the concourse. In the first part of our Airport and Raised Floors blog series, we’re covering raised flooring in the ticketing and check-in area!

Ticketing and check-in is the guest’s first impression of the facility, and the technology for this area has changed drastically over the past few years. Ticketing kiosks, for example, are a newer technology in the industry that have improved the travel experience. Kiosks are faster and easier than counter check-ins, which gets travelers to the concourses faster, so they can shop or grab a bite to eat, and then to their departure gate, where they can relax prior to boarding. Unfortunately, much of the infrastructure available to support these types of technology is short-sited and limited. Raised access floors offer a better alternative that can provide endless opportunities for service placement, while still leaving the opportunity open to change and adjust with future technologies. With airport raised access flooring, kiosks can be installed at any location and connected within the service pathway below the floor. Unlike trenching or core drilling, this setup allows for limitless placement opportunities and makes it easier to rearrange and move the kiosks as needed. The raised floor can be equipped with factory openings or drilled to access the required feed for the kiosks at the desired location, instead of drilling directly into the structural floor slab, which reduces degradation and maintains the building’s structural integrity. Likewise, the raised floor panel can be easily replaced with a full panel when airline tenants change or when the next generation of check-in equipment is introduced.

Since different areas of the airport require different levels of security, a big benefit of access floors is the varying levels of accessibility they offer. Our raised floor products can accommodate the unique needs of each area of the airport, whether that means a limited access service pathway or a fully accessible floor. A cavity floor is a new raised floor system specifically designed for applications that require limited or no access to the underfloor plenum and is a great solution for areas with less frequent modification requirements. The tongue and groove design features a sealed seam that maintains security from travelers, while strategically placed, factory-supplied hatch panels still allow airport personnel to access the services supplied under the floor. The cavity floor can accommodate any desired field-applied finish or with our factory-supplied STONEWORKS® finishes, which come in a variety of color and surface texture options like classic concrete, decorative concrete, slate, granite and terrazzo. This solution prevents tampering and allows the airport to maintain security standards, while still reaping the benefits of the access floor and without sacrificing style and aesthetics.

Raised access floors are a great solution for airports to improve the overall travel experience because they offer flexibility and future proofing, without sacrificing security. With a wide range of load performance and finish options, our raised floors offer an excellent solution for ticketing and check-in, security checkpoints and the concourse that will easily evolve with new technologies and processes within the industry. For more information on our airport solutions, give us a call at 800-231-7788 or email us at

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