Airports and Raised Floors: Concourse

6 October 2020 Tate
Tate Airport and Raised Floors

The airline industry is constantly evolving and upgrading technology to improve the passenger travel experience. We’ve seen these upgrades in the form of kiosks that make the ticketing process faster and security checkpoints more efficient. Another area of the airport that has seen many changes in recent years is the concourse. Instead of rushing to your gate so you can sit and wait for your flight, airports are incorporating new experiences for passengers to enjoy. Increased dining, shopping and entertainment options can help alleviate the stresses of flying and make it more enjoyable. Raised access floors are a great solution to futureproof the airport and make changes like these easily and quickly. In our Airports and Raised Floors blog series, we’ve covered ticketing and security checkpoints, but now we’re wrapping up the series with the concourse.

The food and beverage areas in airports have seen an increase in technology use in recent years, and we think it’s safe to say technology will continue to evolve and change in the future. Self-order and self-service options continue to grow, which increases the demands for power and internet connectivity. With raised access floors, the data and power cabling and plumbing can be routed under the floor, directly to self-serve kiosks or café tables, increasing flexibility and accommodating future tenant changes. As kiosks, tables and other equipment are rearranged, added or taken away, the cables can be rerouted and moved as needed to accommodate the changes without core drilling directly into the slab. This makes the process faster, easier and less expensive, and minimizes service disruption.

We’ve all unfortunately experienced this next scenario while traveling. You sit down at your gate with an hour to spare before your flight, only to find that your phone, tablet or laptop battery is dead. With so many travelers, it can be hard to find access to power in a convenient location. With raised floors, airports can drastically improve the travel experience by providing better access to power. Just like in the food and beverage area, data and power cabling can be routed under the floor and delivered directly to the seating areas and gate counters without the need for core drilling the slab. These cables can power rows of seating, benches and screens, providing more convenient access for travelers. If any changes in the layout are required, the cables can be quickly rerouted as furniture is moved or new items are added to the space with little disruption to the everyday operation of the airport.

Our raised floors come in a variety of accessibility levels to fit any security protocol you may need for each area of the airport, from a fully accessible floor to a tongue and groove cavity floor with strategically placed, limited access hatch panels. Additionally, our floors can be installed with a factory-supplied finish or prepared for a field-applied finish. Our factory-supplied STONEWORKS® finishes come in a variety of color and surface texture options. Choose from classic concrete, decorative concrete, slate, granite or terrazzo to fit the existing style and aesthetics of the airport. A finish-ready raised floor provides the ultimate substrate for your field-applied finish and can reduce screed costs, speed construction and enable the execution of complex transitions. Whichever finish style you choose, you’ll get the full advantage of the raised access floor without sacrificing style.

For airports looking to improve the travel experience for passengers and employees, raised access floors are a great solution. They provide an added layer of flexibility and future proofing, without sacrificing security or style. Our raised floors come in a wide range of load performances, accessibility and finish options, which provides a perfect solution for ticketing and check-in, security checkpoints and the concourse that will easily evolve with changes in the industry. For more information on our airport solutions, call us at 800-231-7788 or email us at

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