Tate Duo VS. Traditional Data Center Ceiling Grid

27 October 2020 Tate
Data Center Structural Ceiling

Structural ceilings are an ideal solution for data centers that need to suspend large, heavy items within the building. This can be anything from busbar and cable management trays, to containment and other infrastructure. But not all ceiling structure is the same. By replacing custom-built, on-site structural systems with our Tate Duo structural ceiling, you can design and specify a support solution that is less expensive and faster and easier to install. But that’s not the only benefit of our Tate Duo ceiling grid.

Many structural ceiling grid systems still require a secondary support system like Unistrut to maintain proper spacing of the connection points to the building. These two structural installations often come from two different installers. Because you have twice the amount of material and twice the installation time, the ceiling costs more than it needs to. With Tate Duo, you have one ceiling grid that connects directly to the building, eliminating the second structure entirely and saving installation time and material cost. We often find that the traditional structural ceiling and the secondary support system bid separately and come from two different contractors, so the grid system itself may appear to be the same price or even cheaper than Tate Duo. But once you add the second contractor’s bid for the additional support, the cost is often double the expected price.

If the cost of Tate Duo isn’t enough to convince you that it’s a better product, let’s discuss the product itself in more detail. The system provides a more robust aluminum extrusion for spanning larger distances between connections to the building structure. In fact, spans of up to 8 feet are possible, which allows for more flexibility, and can be achieved with fewer connection points to the building structure, eliminating additional strut supports as discussed above. Another benefit of Tate Duo is the two-layer continuously threaded slot on the underside of the extrusion. This allows multiple threaded rod diameters to be used for hanging various equipment within a building. With multiple grid patterns and configurations available, Tate Duo offers more flexibility and futureproofing for your data center.

A side-by-side comparison of Tate Duo and traditional ceiling grid will show you that Tate Duo is not only a superior product, but also that it’s more cost-effective because it requires fewer secondary hanging materials and on-site trades. Improve the functionality of your data center with Tate Duo by emailing us at info@tateinc.com or calling us at 1-800-231-7788.

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