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Tate Porcelain Tile

Nearly Unlimited Options for a Completely Unique Aesthetic

Tate’s new line of porcelain laminated raised floor panels offers the ultimate combination in look and flexibility. Whether applied geometrically formal or as a mosaic these tiles can enhance the architectural form and space of a building. The factory laminated porcelain access floor panels come with a PVC edge banding that produces clean even lines that appear more like grouted tiles. In addition Tate is offering these panels in three module sizes (1’x1’, 1’x2’ and 2’x2’) to create new and interesting patterns while maintaining complete accessibility to the underfloor area.


  • 100% natural mineral composition
  • Non-absorbent, near zero water absorption
  • Easy maintenance, impervious to chemicals
  • Colors are mineral based and do not fade under UV rays
  • Heavy duty, resists wear and scratches under high traffic
  • Fire and high temperature resistant with no toxic fume emmissions
  • Finish is recyclable with a high recycled content

Laminated Porcelain Panel

Board panels provide flexibility in module sizes and a smoother surface that is more conducive to the lamination of soft tile finishes. The PVC edge banding creates a more consistent looking seam with a grouted tile appearance. The edge banding is available in almost unlimited colors to allow for contrasting or blended seams that can create completely customoized looks. Porcelain tile finishes are also available in 2'x2' on steel welded panels with edge banding.

Module Sizes

The new line of cement board panels with porcelain tiles and other finishes are available in standard 2'x2' floor tiles as well as 1'x2' and 1'x1' sizes to create dynamic tile patterns.

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