EcoCore: Phase Change Technology for Access Floors

What is Phase Change Material & How it Works?

Phase change is a thermodynamic transition of physical matter from one state to another due to a change in energy levels of the material. These transitions are part of our everyday lives such as the ice cubes in a cold drink melting. EcoCore uses a vegetable-based phase change material or PCM. Similar to ice melting at 32°F to maintain a cold drink the PCM used in EcoCore is designed to melt at 75°F. This allows the PCM to absorb solar and building thermal energy during the normal temperature deviations that occur throughout the day in any office building. As the material changes states it absorbs energy allowing for natural safe passive energy savings to occur.

What is EcoCore?

EcoCore access floor panels are steel welded shells filled with a unique mixture of structural cement and bio-based PCM that allows the panel to absorb thermal. Utilizing a patent pending mixing method microscopic spheres of encapsulated PCM are blended into the cement. The spheres maintain their size, shape and integrity throughout phase transitions. This allows the panels to seamlessly integrate into a raised floor installation providing a low impact thermal mass to absorb energy during the day that would otherwise affect both the HVAC efficiency and comfort level of the office. The stored energy is then released again overnight as the temperature drops below the 75º melting point.